Fashionable Pet Carriers

Help You -- And Your Pet -- Look Your Very Best: Fashionable Pet Carriers

Fashionable Pet Carriers

Sure, it's true -- for everyday travel you can use any old bag, knapsack or satchel to carry your pet around in.  But there are situations where you need to be more fashionable -- not just you, but also your favorite pet.  During these times you can make use of a fashionable pet carrier to show off your little friend in the very best light.  Here's a brief description of some of the most stylish offerings that we can find --

First off, from the HOP Collection, is the East Side Collection Milan Pet Carrier.  This is one of those fashionable pet carriers that is actually value priced (just under $28), so you can save money and look good, too!  This fashionable pet carrier is designed to hold pets weighing up to 11 pounds, and features front and back zippered openings.

Like a number of different fashionable pet carriers, the East Side Collection Milan Pet Carrier is designed to look like a fashion handbag.  It is constructed from white faux-leather which is trimmed in brown.  The inside of this fashionable pet carrier is lined in Berber (and it is also removable), and it also includes an inside leash clip that attaches to your pets collar, to keep them from jumping out.

Our next item comes to us from RMS -- and it is called a Leopard Pattern Pet cat carrier.  Currently priced at under $20, these fashionable pet carriers are actually manufactured from leather, yet the fabric has a texture and feel that simulates real animal fur -- the one that I am looking at right now looks like leopard skin.  These fashionable pet carriers are designed for a smaller animal and have dimensions of 16.5" x 8.375" x 10.5".  With this pet carrier under your arm your favorite feline or pooch will look like a million bucks!

Another interesting product is the Mango Tango Polyester Faux Suede Pet Carrier.  It normally retails for just under $90, and it's 16" x 10" x 8.5" size means that it is also perfect for the smaller dog or cat.  This fashionable pet carrier is made from polyester faux-suede, polyester fleece with a PVC trim -- and it is in a very stylish black and pink color combination.  It is equipped with a zippered top and snap sides, and the shoulder carrying straps are very comfortable.  This fashionable pet carrier also comes equipped with pockets along the outside to store your pets' favorite treat, medicine, or other accessories.

Another great-looking set of fashionable pet carriers are the Pet Flys Pet Carriers.  One that I think is especially cute is the Pet Flys Paw Princess Pet Carrier.  It has a unique and pink and black color scheme that would really appeal to younger pet owners.  These fashionable pet carriers are available in two sizes: small (10" x 9" x 16") and super (12" x 10" x 18").  According to the manufacturer, these pet carriers are also approved by most airlines, so you can bring your pet inside the airplane cabin with you when you travel.

Finally, if you are looking for a fashionable pet carrier that also incorporates a modern, streamlined design, then I would recommend this next product: the Argo Pet Peek A Boo Pet Carrier.  Rather than just being a typical bag or satchel, this fashionable pet carrier is actually designed to snugly fit the body of your pet, yet it is also large enough to allow them to stand up and move around.  These fashionable pet carriers are available in four different color schemes: tango orange, kiwi green, petal pink and berry blue.  These pet carriers are made with a nylon exterior and a fleece-lined interior.  These fashionable pet carriers can be used with pets weighing up to 15 pounds, and have dimensions of 16.5" x 12.5" x 11.5".