Sherpa Pet Carriers

Quality, Durability, And Style: Sherpa Pet Carriers

Sherpa Pet Carriers

One of the most well-known and highly valued manufacturers of pet carriers is Sherpa.  This company is known for producing pet carriers that are carefully crafted using the very best materials, products that feature innovative designs which are also practical and stylish as well.  Let me describe for you just a few of their products --

If you have a smaller dog or cat, I would highly recommend the Sherpa Jazzy Soho Pet Carrier.  Normally priced at around $95, this Sherpa pet carrier is designed to transport pets up to 16 pounds in weight.  The dimensions of this pet carrier are 17" x 10" x 8".  This item has such features as a padded bottom panel, a machine-washable faux-lambskin liner, and inside leash ring and a protective snap flap headdress.  I don't know -- did I see Paris Hilton carrying her little ones in something like this? Hmmm...

Another lovely Sherpa pet carrier is the tapestry pet carrier.  Priced at just under $56, this pet carrier features a hand-loomed tapestry design with gold colored hardware.  This Sherpa pet carrier allows your pet to enter from the front or side and is also equipped with a seatbelt safety strap and a handle and detachable shoulder strap.  This Sherpa pet carrier also includes a matching wristlet for the storage of toys and treats.  The dimensions of this unit are 18.5" x 11" x 10.5" and it will accommodate pets up to 16 pounds.

Another great-looking Sherpa pet carrier is the Sherpa Pet Trading Carrier Backpack, priced at $70. This item is made from microfiber polyester and features a comfy padded interior made from washable faux-lambskin.  This Sherpa pet carrier is designed to hold pets up to 16 pounds.  In addition to the usual features such as mesh ventilation and entry doors, this Sherpa pet carrier also includes several zipper pockets and also comes equipped with an identification tag.  You could use this Sherpa pet carrier on an airplane or automobile, as well as on a train or subway.

If you are looking for a pet carrier on wheels, let me introduce you to the Sherpa-On-Wheels Pet Carrier.  Priced at just under $129, it uses recessed, easy-gliding wheels to help transport your pet long distances.  For proper ventilation, this Sherpa pet carrier utilizes mesh panels and roll-up flaps on three sides -- and that will also help to give your pet a good view of what's going on all around them.  This Sherpa pet carrier also features a detachable pull handle which also doubles as a shoulder strap.

Finally, let me mention the Sherpa backpack pet carrier.  The body of this dog/cat carrier has a handgrip, but also comes equipped with shoulder straps and pockets for storage of necessary equipment and pet supplies.  This Sherpa pet carrier permits your little loved one to get in from the side, and also has a security leash ring inside that clips to their collar.  The innovative Dutch door on the side will allow your pet to stick their head out so they can see what is going on as you carry them around.  This Sherpa pet carrier is 18" x 10.5" x 11" and will comfortably transport a pet weighing up to 16 pounds, 16 inches in length and 10 inches in height.