Soft Pet Carriers

Keep Your Pet Safe, Yet Comfortable, With Soft Pet Carriers

Soft Pet Carriers

It is certainly true that traditional hard-sided pet carriers are very durable and can withstand the rigors of travel.  Yet many pet owners are concerned about using these types of pet carriers for the transportation of animals -- concerned about possible injury should their pet be jostled around inside of them.  This is why soft pet carriers are becoming more and more popular all the time -- they provide very good protection for your pet while traveling, yet their construction means that you will not have to be concerned with bruising and other injuries due to your pet coming in contact with the sides of the unit.

A very good soft pet carrier is currently being manufactured by Discount Ramps, called their Soft Side Pet Crate.  It is normally priced at just under $80, and can be used both as a pet carrier or as a pet home.  This soft pet carrier features a one-piece design which can be quickly assembled, and a cover which is removable and washable, as well as replaceable.  A great design feature of these soft pet carriers is that the bottom of this carrier is manufactured with a rigid plate so that it will not sag when your pet is being transported.

I also found a great line of soft pet carriers from Sam's Club.  For just over $60, you can purchase a soft-sided pet carrier with such features as mesh panels on all four sides, a removable plush-bottom insert, carrying case and other features.  This line of soft pet carriers measure 24" x 18" x 21", and are manufactured from nylon -- and to make them easy to store and transport, they are also collapsible.

Another nice line of soft pet carriers are the Pet Taxi Soft Sided Carriers.  These are soft pet carriers which are designed to hold pets up to 22 pounds in weight.  Measuring 18" x 11", they are equipped with an extra-wide entry flap on the top with duel zippers.  These soft pet carriers are constructed using an internal frame to give them strength and support, and also feature mesh panels so that your pet will be able to breathe, and also allow you to view your pet at all times.  This line of soft pet carriers are also equipped with an extra storage pocket, padded shoulder strap as well as an identification tag.  Regularly priced at just over $36.

Finally, we have the Blitz Soft-Sided Wheeled Pet Carrier, normally priced around $60.  This unit is great for use in airports, as the four detachable wheels will allow you to easily transport your pet effortlessly over long distances.  This soft pet carrier also comes equipped with two exterior storage pockets as well as an adjustable shoulder strap (which you can also use as a leash).  This line of soft pet carriers are also approved by airlines, and are designed to be used by pets up to 22 pounds in weight.  The Blitz Soft-Sided Wheeled Pet Carrier is constructed from polyester, incorporates two sets of zippers along the top and also uses mesh for visibility and proper ventilation.